Probate and Administration

In order to properly execute a Last Will and Testament, an experienced attorney should be retained. Alan Ross has been probating wills for over 40 years.


A person who passes away and leaves a Last Will and Testament needs to have that Last Will and Testament Probated in the Surrogate’s Court in the County where such decedent was a resident. An experienced Probate Attorney should be retained. An Executor is the person who was named in the Will to take care of all matters of the decedent’s estate. A probate petition is necessary to file with the Surrogate’s Court and have the Executor ‘officially’ appointed by the Court so that the Executor can act with full authority under the Law.

In probate cases, Alan Ross carefully reviews the Will and all other documents necessary to Probate the decedent’s Last Will and Testament. He has probated Wills in Suffolk County, Nassau County, Kings County, Queens County, New York County, and Westchester County. Call Alan Ross to learn where your estate should be filed.

Many Wills contain provisions in which the decedent left assets to minors and provided that a Trust be created to administer these assets. Call Alan Ross to determine how to open this Trust, administer the Trust, obtain a Federal Tax ID number for the Trust and protect the assets in general.


A person who passes away without a Last Will and Testament must have their estate filed as an Administration and not as a Probate. This means that the next closest relative must file a petition with the Surrogate’s Court and request to be appointed as ‘Administrator’ of the decedent’s estate. The Administrator acts much the same way as an Executor does.

Alan Ross has over 40 years experience in filing Administration petitions with the Surrogate’s Court. If distributees (next of kin of the decedent) cannot be located, attorney, Alan Ross, can help you find these relatives so that the decedent’s estate can be properly filed, administered and settled.