Real Estate

Real Estate

Whether you are purchasing or selling a home, it is important to obtain an experienced real estate attorney to protect your rights. Alan Ross has been experienced in all phases of real estate, including residential and commercial property for over 40 years. Call him for a consultation if you are thinking about selling or buying real property.

Purchasing Real Estate

When you purchase real estate, whether it is a home or investment property, it is essential that a proper pre-contract inspection be performed by a qualified home inspector. In this way, as a prospective purchaser, you will be educated as to the condition of the property before you sign a contract. If you discover that the condition of the property is so bad, you may not want to purchase it at the previously agreed upon purchase price. Often, if an inspection reveals that some repairs are required, it becomes negotiable with the seller as to whether the seller will make such repairs and that requirement will become a legal provision in the contract.

Also, it is important that the purchaser be protected in knowing whether the property has all required permits and certificates of occupancy or certificates of existing use. A title search will reveal such information. Alan Ross is experienced in reviewing inspection reports and title reports to protect the purchasers rights under a contract of sale.

Selling Real Estate

When you sell real property, it is important to know in advance whether there will be any significant title issues which will impede the proper conveyance of title to a prospective purchaser. It is a good idea to consult with a qualified real estate attorney when you are placing real property on the market for sale so that you can obtain advance knowledge about what to do even before a contract of sale is prepared. Alan Ross can assist you in preparing your real property for sale.

Permits and Certificates of Occupancy

Most people are aware that it is necessary to obtain permits for certain structures built on the premises. These include, but are not limited to, swimming pools, extensions, dormers and garages converted to living space. Careful examinations are necessary to determine whether each piece of real property has all necessary permits and certificates so that the purchaser of said property will not have a problem obtaining financing or selling the property in the future.

Real Property Inspections

Almost everyone today uses the services of an engineer or qualified house inspector to determine the condition of the premises prior to signing a contract. This is an important pre-contract step for anyone who is interested in purchasing real property to ascertain its condition. A qualified inspector will carefully point out any defects in the structure, and the electrical and plumbing systems.

Termite Inspection

Every purchaser of real property should include a termite inspection by a skillful and qualified licensed termite company. In most cases, the house inspector will do this inspection or bring in a licensed exterminator to do the inspection for him as part of his standard report. Under no circumstances should a purchaser buy a house without performing a termite inspection.